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The parish of Ruspidge and Soudley lies on the outskirts of Cinderford. As a general rule of thumb, the centre of St. White's Road marks the boundary. Proceed down St. White's Road from the roundabout (Mount Pleasant Inn) and homes on the left hand side are in the Ruspidge and Soudley Parish.

Vehicle Activates Signs (VAS) in our Parish - Important Update. Click here to see the latest ... 



Links to planning applications received for both
the old main school site and the canteen site.
1. Main site (enter P1240/17/OUT in search box)
2. Canteen site (enter P1122/17/OUT in search box)

Parish Council comments 

Click for an overall plan and layout of both sites, to see the true impact of the development

The Parish Council has been informed that Daphne at the Old Post Office Shop on St. White's Road has a petition for signing should you wish to do so.  

The redevelopment of the main site could allow GCC to improve the junction of Buckshaft Road and St. White's Road.

By demolishing the existing outbuilding and cutting off the corner plot of the site it would ease traffic flow by widening the bottleneck on Buckshaft Road
and allow the junction to be widened to accommodate two cars approaching from Buckshaft Road to wait at the junction before proceeding in either
direction (as with the Ruspidge Road/St. White's Road junction).
R & S Council requested this suggestion be taken into account prior to the application being submitted but GCC chose to ignore.
This is a the only chance of the junction ever being improved and council urge you to back this suggestion and send your concerns to the
FODDC planning section by 1st September, by letter, email, or FODDC website.

It is an opportunity that cannot and should not be overlooked.


Click here to view the parish map.
parish ma.

What your council does:
This list is not exhaustive

  • Looks after the interests of the community and its inhabitants.
  • Acts as a consultee for planning applications within the parish.
  • Contracts the grass cutting within the parish. Other than areas owned by Housing Associations.
  • Contracts the Street Cleaning, Road Signs and Bus Shelters cleaning in the two villages.
  • Manages and maintains three play areas, including the MUGA see location details and pictures below.
  • Contracts the installation and emptying of Dog Bins.
  • Provides S.133 & S.137 Grants for village halls, churches and local clubs.
  • Considers and determines projects funded by S.106.
  • Maintains the Blue Rock Trail in partnership with the Forestry Commission. (Look out for the 'Hod Boy' and 'Nearly There' sculptures.)
  • Provides large storage Grit Bins (Soudley Hall and Buckshaft Road).
  • Supplied and maintains the Cullimore Bridge, Railway Road.
  • Produces and delivers a bi-monthly newsletter (Viewpoint).

What the council does not do:
This list is not exhaustive

  • Make decisions on planning applications.
  • Manage the two village halls.
  • Supply & deliver salt grit to regular grit bins - contact 08000 514 514.
  • Potholes and Highway drains - contact 08000 514 514
  • Street Lighting – contact 08000 514 514.
  • Collect household refuse, recycled waste and garden waste - contact FODDC on 01594 810000.
  • Pest and rodent control – contact FODDC on 01594 810000.
  • Stray animals - contact FODDC on 01594 810000.
  • Dog fouling fines - contact FODDC on 01594 810000.
  • Consent permission for memorial benches on Forestry land - contact the Forestry Commission on 03000674800.
  • Manage Yew Tree Brake Cemetery.

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The Parish Council maintain three playground areas in the parish - each has equipment suitable for toddlers to teenagers.

  • Ruspidge Recreation Field, GL14 3AE
  • Woodland View, Buckshaft, GL14 3DU
  • Soudley Recreation Ground, GL14 2TZ

Ruspidge Recreation Field also has an Outdoor Gym and a floodlit Multi-Use-Games-Area (MUGA), where you can play basketball/netball/football/tennis, etc. These facilities are FREE OF CHARGE! Just bring your equipment and play.

Soudley Recreation Ground is also home to Soudley AFC, where you can watch the local football talent on Saturday afternoons.

Ruspidge also has a Football Pitch (GL14 3AW), which was well known in the local football fraternity for its extensive slope. The pitch has now been levelled and additional drainage installed.  New changing units and a toilet block are now in situ.

The field is available for hire for any suitable activity and any persons/clubs interested in hiring the facility should contact the clerk on 01594 825343.