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Parish Council

Ruspidge and Soudley Parish Council is now warded:

Ruspidge and Soudley West - Ruspidge - 7 councillors
Ruspidge and Soudley East - Soudley - 2 councillors

All councillors work together for the benefit of the whole parish.  

Standing Orders
Financial Regulations

External Auditors Report
Conclusion of Audit 


Appointments, Representatives and Committee Membership of the Council

                  CHAIRMAN                                 CLERK & R.F.O.

Bill Acland
Register of Interests

11 Fir View Road, Ruspidge,
Cinderford, Glos. GL14 3AL

Home Phone:  01594 822095
Email:  wlaclan@yahoo.com

Helen  Hook

Parish Council Office located at
Rheola House, Belle Vue Centre,
Cinderford, Glos.  GL14 2AB

Tel:  01594 825343
Email:  info@clerkrspc.plus.com 



 Sid Phelps(Vice Chairman)
Register of Interests

Jeff Stanford
Register of Interests

Bob Rhodes
Register of Interests

Tony Matthews
Register of Interests

Chris Richardson
Register of Interests

Nicky Packer
Register of Interests

Casual Vacancy 

Please contact the Clerk if

you are interested in applying

to be co-opted to the council 



District Councillors (both for Ruspidge and Soudley)
(click name for photograph and details)

Cllr. B. O'Neill -
Email: Bernie.Oneill@fdean.gov.uk Tel: 01594 827586

Cllr. D. Hawthorne -
Email: Dave.Hawthorne@fdean.gov.uk Tel: 01594 829212

County Councillors

Cllr. G. Morgan (representing Ruspidge and Buckshaft)
Email: graham.morgan@gloucestershire.gov.uk Tel: 01594 829349

Cllr. R. Boyles (representing Soudley)
Email: richard.boyles@gloucestershire.gov.uk  Tel:  07979755101