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Links to planning applications received for both
the old main school site and the canteen site.
1. Main site  (enter P1240/17/OUT in search box)
2. Canteen site  (enter P1122/17/OUT in search box)

The redevelopment of the main site could allow GCC to improve the junction of Buckshaft Road and St. White's Road.

By demolishing the existing outbuilding and cutting off the corner plot of the site it would ease traffic flow by widening the bottleneck on Buckshaft Road
and allow the junction to be widened to accommodate two cars approaching from Buckshaft Road to wait at the junction before proceeding in either
direction (as with the Ruspidge Road/St. White's Road junction).
R & S Council requested this suggestion be taken into account prior to the application being submitted but GCC chose to ignore.
This is a the only chance of the junction ever being improved and council urge you to back this suggestion and send your concerns to the
FODDC planning section by 1st September, by letter, email, or FODDC website.

It is an opportunity that cannot and should not be overlooked.

VIEWPOINTS - To view the parish newsletter, for updates on what is happening in your parish, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the monthly issue.
It is with regret that the parish council are withdrawing its bid for the above project.  Click for further details.

PLAY RANGERS - Ruspidge Recreation Field
Returning again this year, free activities for children 7-14 years old.
The first session will be Thursday, 27th July, continuing every Thursday throughout the summer holidays with the last session on Friday, 1st September 10am - 4pm. 
Bring along your children for outdoor activities including den building, arts and crafts, sport and games.  No registration required just turn up and leave whenever you wish.

Summer 2017 details (and need to know details, footwear, clothes etc.) 

The Forest Foodbank
The foodbank is a volunteer run project founded by local churches and community groups, working together towards stopping hunger in our local area.  
Click for details on opening times, distribution centres and ways you can help by volunteering.



It's that time of year again.  Are you thinking of burning hedging, unwanted items? The smoke and sparks from your fire may not affect you or your property but it will drift to someone else's.  If you feel it necessary to light a fire please do so at times when it won't cause a nuisance to others or affect their pleasure of the great outdoors.
Please consider your neighbours.  

Ruspidge Field - New cabin units

The field now has 3 units in place - changing rooms with showers; referees room; separate toilet block.  The council is keen to see the field used for various activities - Do you belong to a club?  Do you run a youth club?  Do you organize family group activities? If you are interested in hiring the facilities please call the Clerk on 825343 for further information. 

Ruspidge Recreation Field
The hydraulic arm on the double gates leading to the field has been vandalised again and will not be repaired.  An alternative closer will be fixed as soon as possible.  However, if you notice any of the gates left open would you please close them?  Your vigilance in this will help to keep the field secure from boar. 


Dog Walking in the countryside - click for leaflet
Waterside living - click for leaflet
Do you have a river, stream, ditch or culvert running through, or alongside your property?

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Salt/Grit Bins - The bins are in situ at Soudley Village Hall car park and Buckshaft Road, near the Forest View junction (by sub-station 2852).

Contact details are attached to each bin.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ruspidge Memorial Hall - interested in helping your community? The hall is in desperate need of new committee members.

If you can help please contact Sally on 01594 822666 or Jenny on 823620
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Himalayan Balsam - is an invasive species that kills off our native vegetation and eco system that relies on it.

Please remove wherever you find it - click for information on the correct way to do this.



Material for inclusion in the newsletter (at the editor's discretion) should be forwarded to jeffstanford66@gmail.com  The deadline date for the forthcoming issue is stated on the back page of the current Viewpoint.
Click on the monthly issue you wish to view.

After the February 2017 issue there will be no further deliveries to households.
All future issues will be available to download/view from the parish council website.

Small bundles of Viewpoints will be deposited at local establishments for those individuals who do not have internet access.  These can be collected from:
The Old Ruspidge Post Office (Daphne's), St. White's Road.
The Rising Sun Fish and Chip Shop, Ruspidge Road.
Steve's Hairdressers, Ruspidge Road.

Readers who are unable to use either of these options should contact the Clerk on 825343.  If there is no answer please leave a message and your telephone number and you will be contacted as soon as possible.